Parks and Facilities

New Haven Adams Township Parks & Recreation manages several parks and facilities in New Haven, IN. Read on to learn about the beautiful locations you can visit in the community as well as the pavilions you can rent.


Canal Landing

This quaint, pocket park adds aesthetic appeal to the area. Its historic plaque details the importance that the historic canal played in the development of New Haven. Purchased in 1999, Canal Landing is approximately 1/3 of an acre. An existing parking lot was demolished and a park was planned. This park adds visual appeal to New Haven’s downtown business district and is a popular place for lunch breaks.

General Info
427 Broadway Street
New Haven, IN 46774
Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Daily


  • Gazebo
  • Flower Gardens
  • Benches
  • Historic Plaque

Havenhurst Park

This spacious 29-acre park lies adjacent to the privately owned and operated Whispering Creek Golf Course. Havenhurst Park offers wide open spaces for traditional outdoor sports such as baseball, softball, basketball, tennis, and football.

Because there is so much to do, Havenhurst’s pavilion is a popular spot for family reunions, anniversaries, and birthday parties. It can be reserved during the regular season.

General Info
211 N. Rufus Street
New Haven, IN 46774
Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Daily


  • Event Pavilion
  • Sports Grounds

Park Map

Heatherwood Park

Heatherwood Park is a great place to stop for a relaxing lunch break. On November 3, 2012, Heatherwood Park was the site of a community volunteer planting effort called the Great Tree Canopy Comeback. Volunteers worked to replant trees that were removed for safety reasons after they fell victim to the Emerald Ash Borer.

General Info
920 Hartzell Road
New Haven, IN 46774
Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Daily


  • Playground Area
  • Wooded Walking Path

Park Map

Jury Park

An extensive renovation to Jury Park provided the space with resurfaced tennis courts, an updated pavilion, and a popular, new pool facility. To help clean and mitigate surface water, the park now boasts a rain garden thanks to a grant from Wal-Mart.

General Info
1702 Glencoe Boulevard
New Haven, IN 46774
Park: 260-749-2212
Pool: 260-245-0152 (Seasonal)


  • Pavilion
  • Tennis Courts
  • Leisure and Zero-Entry Pool (Seasonal)
  • Lap Lanes and Diving Board
  • Splash Pad, Slides, and Tipping Bucket
  • Concession Stand

Park Map

Klotz Park

Klotz Park is located in the heart of the Southwick Village neighborhood. Surrounded by large trees, a small creek, and friendly neighbors, Klotz offers a variety of fun amenities to keep the entire family busy. Grassy areas that separate the sports grounds are great places for a picnic or a game of extreme Frisbee.

General Info
6000 Altadena Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46816
Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Daily


  • Pavilion
  • Soccer Field
  • Football Field
  • Baseball Diamond

Park Map

Moser Park

Also once known as Brudi Pasture, this area is located at 601 Main Street, New Haven is a low-lying partially wooded area with a pavilion, pond, trails, a basketball court and ball diamonds. This park also is the home of the seasonal Nature Center.
Rental Fees

General Info
601 W. Main Street
New Haven, IN, 46774
Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Daily


  • Nature Trail
  • Nature Center
  • Pond
  • Disc Golf Course
  • Basketball Court
  • Ball Diamond
  • Restrooms
  • Pavilion
Park Map

Schnelker Park

Schnelker Park is a jewel in downtown New Haven. The park's large trees create a wonderful, shaded area to relax or play. The newly renovated pavilion can be rented out by visitors for parties and picnics throughout the year.

The New Haven Community Foundation and the Parks Dept. have recently erected an impressive band shell in the park where seasonal outdoor concerts are held for the community. The Park also has a large playground for the little ones to run, swing, and jump. The park is also home to the Veterans Memorial, which was built to honor all of our Veterans. The memorial can be supported by purchasing a brick to honor a friend or loved one. Learn more about purchasing a brick by clicking HERE. 

General Info
956 Park Avenue
New Haven, IN, 46774
Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Daily


  • Pavilion
  • Gazebo
  • Playground

Park Map

Werling Park

Werling Park, located on Werling Road in New Haven, is a seven-acre grassy field with a half-mile walking loop that winds around the perimeter of the property. Located in a mostly residential area of New Haven, it provides a green space and recreational area for the community to venture out of their backyards and play!

Plans for the future of this park are still under discussion, with public input meetings and data gathering already complete.

General Info
1530 Werling Road
New Haven, IN 46774
Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Daily

Park Map


Fitness Center

The New Haven Fitness Center located within the New Haven Community Center is open to serve you. The facility offers top of the line equipment, free weights, a variety of classes, and reasonable rates. We invite you to stop in for a tour. Check out our Rates by clicking here.

  • Members must be swiped in no later 30 minutes prior to closing.

  • We reserve the right to close 30 minutes early if no one is using the facility

Child Watch

A convenience designed to meet the needs of families who utilize the New Haven Fitness Center or participate in New Haven Parks and Rec programs.

*Available in a maximum of 2-hour increments *Parent must stay in the building

· 6 months —12 years


  • Included in Family Plus Premium  
  • Child Watch Punch Pass  - $40/15 Punches | Unused punches never expire.
  • Plus Child Watch Pass - $10/month for 1 child & $15/month for 2+ Children | Add this on to any pass type


• Precor Cardio Equipment

• FreeMotion weight equipment

• Fitness Classes

• Family Child watch included

• Rubber floor

• Mirrors

• Knowledgeable and friendly staff

• Reasonable rates and no commitment

• Free Weights

• Personal Trainers

• Child Watch

• Silver Sneakers & Renew Active accepted








Membership Information

Membership includes the access to use the New Haven Community Center Fitness Facility exercise equipment only.

Plus Premium Upgrade your membership to include fitness classes offered at the fitness center that month.

Family Plus Premium Upgrade your family membership to include fitness classes offered at the fitness center that month.

Specialty Classes are fitness classes offered through New Haven Parks and Rec and are indicated within marketing material. These classes have a special drop-in rate. 

Membership Options




$25 / $270 $35 / $380


$15 / $150 $25 / $260

Senior (60+)

$10 / $90 $20 / $200


$15 / $140 $25 / $250

Silver Sneakers | Renew Active | Silver & Fit

 $0 $0

AARP Medicare Supplemental

50% Discount on pass type of your choosing. Must attend a minimum 4x/month or member will be responsible for the other 50%


  • Enrollment Fee - $25 One time, nonrefundable. No penalty for cancellations. Re-enroll and pay fee again
  • Drop in/Punch Pass - $8 one time or $30/5 punches | Unused punches never expire
  • Senior Specialty Classes - $2 Drop-in/Person/Class
  • Plus Premium - $15/Month/Person | upgrade an individual membership to include classes (membership + individual class upgrade)
  • Family Plus Premium - $20/month/Family | upgrade family membership to include classes. (membership + Family Class upgrade)
  • Program Pass - $25/month/Person Monthly classes only pass (Avail. Beginning in April)
  • Class Enrollment - Just interest in one class? Enroll in a session of that class only 


• New Haven Parks and Recreation reserves the right to cancel a class at any time for any reason. 
• New Haven Parks and Recreation Fitness Facility rates, class rates, minimum participation and hours of operation are subject to change. 

Personal Trainer Service

The Fitness Center now offers Personal Trainers as an option to help keep you on track! Purchase a Personal Trainer Punch pass and use it to train with one of our approved Personal Trainers when it works for your schedule. The punch pass never expires and offers 4, 45 minute personal training sessions. Need more sessions? After your initial purchase, load your card with as many additional visits as you like. A list of approved personal trainers is available at the Fitness Center desk.

· Punch passes are available for purchase for $145/4 visits.

Community Center

The New Haven Community Center is home to the New Haven Parks and Recreation Offices, The Hickory Room Senior Center, Youth Activity and Enrichment Classes, Events, rental spaces and more! The Community Center is located behind the New Haven McDonalds along US 930 East. Stop in for a tour!


The Community Center adjoins the Fitness Center is open Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. Programming is scheduled year-round, during and outside these hours.

Jury Pool

General Info

The pool is currently closed for the season. It will reopen for 2019 Memorial Day weekend.

Jury Pool Address: 
1702 Glencoe Boulevard 
New Haven, IN 46774 
(260) 245-0152


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Jury Pool logo


  • Leisure and Zero-Entry Pool
  • Lap Lanes
  • Diving Board
  • Splash Pad, Slides, and Tipping Bucket
  • Concession Stand


  • 0-2 – Free
  • 3-17 – $4.00 per Child
  • 18-54 – $5.00 per Adult
  • 55+ – $4.00 per Senior
  • Ages 3 and Up- $3.50 per Person After 5:00pm


New Haven Community Center

Park Pavilions
Permits for the rental of the park shelters for picnics, reunions, graduations, etc., must be obtained at the Park Center Office. Shelters are located at:

  • Schnelker Park
  • Jury Park
  • Moser Park
  • Havenhurst Park

All shelters are open-sided pavilions. By renting a park shelter, the restrooms will be unlocked and the electricity will be turned on for the renter’s use. All rentals are first come, first served. Shelters are available for rental tentatively through October.

Shelters can be reserved only for the current year. Reservations for the year begin on January 2 of the current year. Call us at 260-749-2212 to request additional information, to ask questions, or to make reservations

General Info 
7500 SR 930 E. 
Fort Wayne, IN 46803
Phone: 260-749-2212

Office Hours
Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
The office is closed on city-observed holidays.


The Rivergreenway

The Rivergreenway is a great place for biking, running, jogging, walking, rollerblading, and enjoying natural space. The trail runs along the Maumee River bank in New Haven and eventually along the St. Marys and St. Joseph rivers in Fort Wayne. The entire Rivergreenway is a 40-mile trail. Visitors may track the total distance they have traveled because the Rivergreenway mile markers are located along the trail. New Haven cares for a three-mile portion of the Rivergreenway, a National Recreation Trail.

The New Haven trail begins at Moser Park, 601 Main Street, New Haven, IN, 46774. It ends at the boat launch, which is located near the entrance of the Fort Wayne trail located on North River Road. The Rivergreenway is open each day from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Deetz Nature Preserve

Natural grass trails loop through this nature preserve. 

Moser Park Woods

A quarter mile handicapped accessible trail runs through Moser Park woods. Natural trails also criss-cross this woods and is home to New Haven Parks and Recreation Disc golf course. Click here for a trail map.

Haskamp Woods

Haskamp woods can be accessed through Pinestone Association on Seiler Road. The natural trail is approximately .7mile. Click here for a map.

Werling Park

Werling Park offers a paved walking loop off of Werling road. The loop is .5 mile. There is currently no onsite parking, so it is primarily accessible by sidewalk.

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Nature Areas

Preserve Restoration History

North River Road Nature Area
This nature area is located on North River Road, just east of Broadway. The property was donated in the late 1990s to the New Haven Parks and Recreation Department. In 2003, the land was entered into the Wetlands Reserve Program through the Department of Natural Resources. This was a critical step to combating the millions of acres lost to development since colonial times.

Since then, efforts have been made to restore this area to its original habitat. Native grasses and trees have been planted. The area is an ideal habitat for wildlife, including many species of birds, deer, and fox.

A gravel access road exists along part of the perimeter of the property. This access road leads to a clay canoe launch. The access road is typically closed and accessed only by maintenance staff or for special programming.

Deetz Nature Preserve
Deetz Nature Preserve, named after a retired maintenance director, Thomas Deetz, became park property in 2006. Located at the intersection of Parrot and Hartzell roads, Deetz Nature Preserve is 72 acres of low-lying wetland area.

The preserve—now a beautiful, natural area—was donated by Waste Management. The area has been replanted with native grasses, and the reforestation process has been started with the planting of many young trees. The area has multiple mowed trails, a parking area, and an outdoor classroom. The area is a fantastic location for leisure walks, bird watching, and nature hiking.

Deetz Nature Preserve Map


  • Multiple Natural Trail Loops
  • Outdoor Classroom
  • Gravel Parking

Additional Information
Areas like the Deetz Nature Preserve are critical because its wetlands release vegetative matter into rivers, which helps feed fish. While wetlands are truly unique, they must not be thought of as isolated and independent habitat. Wetlands are important to the health of all other biomes as well as to wildlife and humans everywhere.

Fun Facts
Wetlands prevent flooding by acting as a holding area for an overabundance of water and retaining water until it can slowly be released. This allows wetlands help keep river levels normal, and filter and purify the surface water.

Wetlands help to counterbalance the effect of humans on rivers by rejuvenating them and surrounding ecosystems.

Numerous animals that live in other habitations use wetlands for reproduction or migration.

Unlike most other habitats, wetlands directly improve other ecosystems. Due to its many cleansing benefits, wetlands have been compared to kidneys. The analogy is a good one because kidneys and wetlands both help cleanse the system and control water flow.

Wetlands also clean the water by decomposing vegetative matter, filtering out sedimentation, and converting chemicals into usable form.

Wetlands help with erosion control. Tall, native plants help to keep erosion at bay.

Moser Park Nature Center

Moser Park Woods
This area is located at 601 Main Street is a low-lying partially wooded Park that includes a quarter mile paved trail and multiple natural trails. The park is also home to a pavilion, pond, a basketball court, a ball diamond and the seasonal Nature Center.

The Nature Center, located in Moser Park, is a seasonal facility that offers nature programming geared toward the youth.

Also once known as Brudi Pasture, this area is located at 601 Main Street, New Haven is a low-lying partially wooded area with a pavilion, pond, trails, a basketball court and ball diamonds. This park also is the home of the seasonal Nature Center.

Children today are less likely to spend time outdoors playing and exploring. Much research has linked this to a growing host of problems plaguing the youth today, including childhood obesity, inattentiveness, and diminished creativity. Getting kids outdoors and experiencing nature is a great way to combat this growing epidemic.

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteer Nature Center attendants get to experience the biological diversity of our area while sharing their appreciation for such wonders with others. Please call the office at 260-749-2212 or email us at for more information.

Nature Programs and More

  • Preschool programs
  • Guest speakers, special programs, and many other fun, seasonal activities
  • Visit the resident animals during the summer
  • Crafts and nature activities for all ages

Outreach Programs
Call our office at 260-749-2212 to schedule a naturalist program for your classroom, scout club, or other groups. Learning experiences can be customized to fit your needs!

  • The Frog Lifecycle
  • Bird Hikes
  • Forest Sensory Discovery
  • Pond Exploration
  • Badge Work
  • And More!

Summer Hours 
June - September
Saturday & Sunday:
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


New Haven Railroad Depot

The restored New Haven Railroad Depot now looks much as it did when it first opened in 1887. The facility is located at 546 State Street, across from the entrance to Moser Park.   This quaint building has been brought back from near collapse by The New Haven Area Heritage Association and donated to the Parks & Recreation Department in 2018.  Look for programs to be held at the facility through the summer.

Inquire About Availability

To find out more about all the programs we offer, check out our activity list. You may also call us at 260-749-2212 or send us an email at